Turing Law: a new technology firm

As of April 1, 2022, lawyers Tom de Wit, Huub de Jong, Esmée Fonville, Marijn Rooke and Moo Miero will continue their practice under the new name Turing Law, supported by Morgan Remijnse as office manager.

Turing Law is an independent boutique firm specializing in IT, data, privacy and digital transformation. Developments in these areas are so rapid that the specialists at Turing Law have decided to focus entirely on them.

Huub de Jong: “Our clients are confronted with complex questions concerning the ongoing digitalization of their products, services and processes. In order to be able to provide solid and practical solutions, we have the necessary specialised legal knowledge and many years of experience at our disposal.”

The firm serves both national and international clients, including large corporates, organizations in the (semi-)public sector and promising, emerging tech companies.

Tom de Wit: “We work hybrid, because that is simply the most practical way. That can be at a client’s location, at our office in The Hague, at one of our meeting venues in the rest of the country or at home. This is how we meet the needs of clients and ensure a good work-life balance.”

Although the firm explicitly and deliberately serves clients from multiple sectors, over the years the lawyers have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in advising on digitization issues in the healthcare sector in particular.

Marijn Rooke: “With our advice we like to make a constructive contribution to the digitalisation of healthcare and the adoption of digital health. We do this for both healthcare institutions and ICT providers. Think for example of advising on laws and regulations in the field of medical devices.”

The firm is named after the computer pioneer, cryptanalyst and philosopher Alan Turing, known as the founder of the Turing test and co-inventor of a decryption device used to crack messages encrypted with the German Enigma device.