websites, e-commerce and liability

Online presence is an essential part of business for many companies and organizations. Whether you sell products online, market products online, send direct marketing messages, place cookies through your website or advertise through third-party vendors, operating online activities also involves the law.

We like to think through the legal risks and responsibilities involved in running a website, e-commerce activities and marketing campaigns. In doing so, we consider not only privacy and telecommunications law, but also consumer law, intellectual property law, unfair trade practices and the rules governing general terms and conditions. In addition, we have specific knowledge of the European data strategy and the new rules arising from it.


We offer the following services, among others:

  • Drafting direct marketing strategy;
  • Legal review of a website, including terms and conditions, use of cookies and privacy statement;
  • advice on liability of social media, forums and other platform providers for unlawful content, and
  • in-house training for lawyers, IT and/or marketing (general, e-commerce rules, liability).

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