dispute resolution and procedures

Turing Lawyers has extensive experience in IT, media and privacy litigation.

IT conflicts

In our IT practice, we regularly assist clients who are in conflict over a software implementation project, exit, or (IT) secondment. Issues include the scope of an assignment, additional work, quality of delivered IT solutions and cooperation obligations of the client. We also regularly advise on security incidents.

We know how IT works and have knowledge of the industry. This enables us to put ourselves in our client’s shoes and know what interests are at stake. When assessing a dispute, we keep these interests in mind. We consider whether our client has a greater interest in terminating the relationship with the other party, or whether they want to continue the relationship. In the latter case, we consider whether mediation or a settlement better suits these interests than legal proceedings.

Media conflicts

We regularly litigate wrongful publications, content moderation, online reviews, the release of identifying information and the liability of online platforms.

We know the industry-specific regulations well, enabling us to quickly get to the heart of the dispute. We come up with pragmatic solutions where possible, but also do not shy away from demanding interim measures in summary proceedings.

Privacy Conflicts

In our privacy practice, we also regularly handle conflicts about (allegedly) unlawful data processing. We assist both data controllers and processors, or data subjects.

For example, we conduct proceedings on the lawfulness of data processing, access or deletion requests, or (damages resulting from) data breaches. We have knowledge of both administrative and civil law options.


We offer the following services, among others:

  • Strategic advice on the best approach to an (imminent) dispute, also as a second opinion
  • Preparation and review of summons letters and other correspondence
  • litigating in civil or administrative courts and taking interim measures such as seizure or summary proceedings
  • alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration or mediation

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