data strategy and compliance

In line with the European data strategy, more and more organizations are focusing on the responsible sharing of data rather than merely protecting it. As a firm, we are at the forefront of supporting organizations in this evolution. We do so both in the healthcare sector and in other industries where large volumes of data are processed.


Our services include, for example:

  • strategic advice on the legally correct handling of data; what is allowed? what can be done? what cannot be done? and how does this fit into your organization’s data strategy?
  • advice on the legal frameworks and conditions that apply to the use of data in an organization and its sharing with third parties; what generic and sector/data specific laws and regulations apply now and in the (near) future, what requirements follow from these and what does this mean for your organization’s handling of data?
  • prepare and review contracts and other documentation; how can opportunities be optimized and risks mitigated?
  • Assistance and representation in taking action against third parties who refuse to make data available while there is a legal obligation to do so or, on the contrary, illegally use another organization’s data without permission.
  • in-house training for lawyers on the legal aspects of data (general, EU data strategy, GDPR, IP, AI Act).

We would appreciate the opportunity to engage with you in order to discuss, at your convenience, the ways in which we can be of assistance to you. Get in touch with us via our contact details or leave your details via one of the buttons below.