Recap Turing Summer Drinks

Turing Summer Drinks

Thursday, August 25, 2022 the time had finally come: the Turing Summer Drinks! To toast to the recent start of our office and celebrate the summer together, we gathered in the beautiful restaurant Pavlov next to the Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague. We were pleasantly surprised to see both old acquaintances and new faces. After the welcome we started with a lecture by Alex van der Baan about the Metaverse, the online network of interconnected virtual three-dimensional worlds in which users or visitors can interact. With his company Beemup he designs and creates environments for the Metaverse for brands, companies, athletes and artists. Alex told us more about blockchain, crypto-regulation and the legal and tax issues that live in relation to this new online world. This, of course, provided more than enough conversation during our drinks. In addition to the substantive discussions, there was also time to catch up while enjoying a snack and a drink. We look back on a very successful event and can hardly wait for the next summer drink.