lawyers and other advisors

As a specialized service provider, you may encounter questions outside your own area of expertise. This applies to lawyers, tax specialists, and other advisors. It is reassuring to be able to rely on a firm with a sharp focus and extensive knowledge and experience in digitalization issues, privacy, and IT contracts, as well as dispute resolution, at such moments. In practice, we work a lot with all kinds of specialists in a project team, as a second-line help desk or for a second opinion.

 “Vier Heren Aanbestedingsadvies and Turing Lawyers have been working together on IT procurement projects for some time.

We are transparent about the fees and it is usually quite possible to match the pre-existing commercial arrangements between the client’s trusted advisor and our fee model.

We would appreciate the opportunity to engage with you in order to discuss, at your convenience, the ways in which we can be of assistance to you. Get in touch with us via our contact details or leave your details via one of the buttons below.