IT companies and their customers

IT is crucial for the operational framework of any organization. In this context, expert legal guidance is of great importance, whether it involves transitioning to the cloud, establishing a data platform, or engaging in an IT procurement / tender process.

We serve a diverse range of IT companies and their clients, bringing extensive experience that enables us to provide practical, prompt, and thorough advice. Whether it pertains to launching a new service, drafting and assessing contracts, or conducting contract negotiations, we are well-equipped to assist with proficiency and efficiency.

“Turing has been our legal backbone for many years, they have specific expertise within our industry (IT services). And an insurance company has already claimed this phrase, but this is how we also see Turing: ‘If you stay normal long enough, you will automatically become special’. Perhaps this is even more true in the legal profession!”


If an IT project threatens to derail, we can advise on an efficient solution within the framework of an amicable settlement. If necessary, we will assist you during, for example, IT mediation, IT arbitration or an IT procedure in court.

Depending on your needs, we work on the basis of clear project agreements, volume discounts, a fixed monthly price and/or on the basis of pre-purchased hours. We are happy to discuss with you what best suits your organization and needs.

We would appreciate the opportunity to engage with you in order to discuss, at your convenience, the ways in which we can be of assistance to you. Get in touch with us via our contact details or leave your details via one of the buttons below.