e-commerce and other online platforms

Online platforms have become indispensable. The purchase of products or services, as well as public debate, is increasingly taking place online. As a provider of an online platform, you are subject to increasingly specific, detailed European and Dutch legislation.

We advise online platforms on current legal developments and are happy to contribute concrete ideas on how platforms can deal with content moderation or the use of artificial intelligence, for example. We also advise on the legal issues involved in electronic contracting.

“Huub and Esmee are a very pleasant sparring partner for us when it comes to our website ‘ZorgkaartNederland.nl’. They draw our attention to important regulations for online platforms and help us with questions around AVG and privacy, intellectual property and the liability we may or may not have as an online review website.”

Patient Federation Netherlands

We also advise on dealing with data. What obligations does this entail, but also about the opportunities. A world that is permanently digitally connected makes it very important for an organization to deal with this in a well-considered way.

We offer our services in various forms, such as hourly rates, fixed (monthly) prices or in subscription form. We would like to hear what the needs of you as a client are and which form best suits them.

We would appreciate the opportunity to engage with you in order to discuss, at your convenience, the ways in which we can be of assistance to you. Get in touch with us via our contact details or leave your details via one of the buttons below.