Annual Review of Privacy 2023

In the year 2023, legislators, the judiciary and regulators were frequently busy in the field of privacy and data protection. Meanwhile, the AVG celebrated its fifth anniversary which provided a moment to look back and look forward. Or as AP Chairman Aleid Wolfsen described it: reason to celebrate and reflect. Wolfsen predicted a changing role for the AP over the next five years. Illustrative of this, the year 2023 was heralded with the go-ahead for an overarching and cross-domain supervision of algorithms, with the AP designated as the coordinating algorithm supervisor. Given all the legislative processes at the European and national levels, significant change will not only apply to the AP. Many organizations are now facing increasing legal obligations that affect or overlap with privacy and data protection regulations. Consider industry-specific regulations such as the Digital Operational Resiliance Act and the national Electronic Health Care Data Exchange Act. We have again mapped out for you the most interesting, relevant and/or noteworthy laws and regulations, case law and activities of 2023 regulators.

Click here for the full Annual Review of Privacy 2023 (in Dutch).