about us

We are turing law. An independent boutique firm specialising in the legal aspects of data and digitalisation, focusing on (inter)national companies and the (semi)public sector.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with the various aspects of data and digitalisation, such as IT, cloud, privacy, big data, intellectual property, artificial intelligence, mobile apps and encryption.

Although we explicitly and deliberately serve many different sectors, over the years we have acquired extensive and in-depth knowledge of digitalisation issues in the healthcare sector.

We are convinced that:

  • knowledge of and interest in rapidly developing digitalisation issues and their impact on society are crucial to assisting clients with complex issues in a thorough and practical manner;
  • our experience with litigation in court puts us in a better position to advise on the drafting of contracts and, the other way around, our (inter)national experience of contracting and advising puts us in a better position to settle disputes efficiently;
  • while the interests of our clients come first, it is important to also consider the other parties involved, given the strong interdependence and increasing transparency in our digital society;
  • we work with pleasure, straightforward and in a modern way on high-quality customised solutions to our clients’ questions, without jargon, with clear agreements and always with a focus on solutions.

Alan Turing

Our firm is named after the computer pioneer, cryptanalyst and philosopher Alan Turing. Turing is the founder of the Turing Test, a test to determine whether a machine is capable of intelligent behaviour equal to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human being.

Turing is known as the co-inventor of the ‘bombe’, a decoding device with which the British managed to decipher messages from the Germans generated by the Enigma device during World War II.

There are many other reasons why his name fits well with our firm. For example, cryptography plays an important role in the security of (personal) data and the digital signature. And, just like Alan Turing, we like solving complex problems.

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